Since founding Horla Theatre in 1999, Horla Theatre have staged 22 productions, most of them at The Rose and Crown Theatre in Hampton Wick, which we managed for four years. One of few venues of this kind in South West London, The Rose and Crown Theatre enjoyed 20 years as an intimate theatre and stand-up venue.

Horla Theatre's work includes adaptations of prose by Guy de Maupassant ('The Horla', 'Diary Of A Madman'), Edgar Allan Poe ('The Black Cat', 'Cask of Amontillado', 'Tell Tale Heart', 'Lionising'), Aleister Crowley ('The Stratagem'), Nikolai Gogol ('The Government Inspector'), Miguel de Cervantes ('Don Quixote') and Charles Dickens ('A Christmas Carol'). We have also adapted stories by The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and other fairy-tale writers for our Christmas shows including 'Rumplestiltskin and Other Grizzly Tales' at New Wimbledon Studio and 'Grimms' at: The Greenwich Playhouse and The Rose and Crown Theatre. We have also staged new work: 'Just Desserts' - a festival of short plays, 'Elvis Orders a Mai Tai' by Emilio Iasiello, The 'Jests of Skoggan' by Steve Morley and 'Yzeegus' by Joanna Volinska among others. Most recently, we produced 'Grimms The Final Chapter' at Trafalgar Studios 2 and New Wimbledon Studio and A Christmas Carol at the same venues.

Horla Theatre's most recent productions include Red 'Riding Hood' at the Cannizaro Festival, 'The Thingumywotsit' at the Hen and Chickens, 'Sparrow Heights' at the Greenwich Playhouse as well as staging 'A Christmas Carol' again at Trafalgar Studios Christmas 2010.

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